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Q: How much does it cost?
A: $150 for ALL Divisions Elementary (4th – 5th) Middle & High School Divisions (6th – 12th)

Your registration fee includes competition shirt, the registration fee for the State Tournament, use of the facility, replacement of targets & other related costs.  Building confidence, learning discipline, lifelong friendships & having fun are FREE!



Q: How long does the program last:

A: The Argyle Eagle Archery programs runs from October - March



Q:  Is it required I have my own bow and arrows?

A:  No.  Argyle Eagle Archery will provide the bow and arrows.  Some of the parents have purchased their own, but it is not required.



Q:  Why does NASP® use the Genesis bow?

A:  In 2002, when NASP® was started, the Genesis bow was the only universal draw length bow available. NASP® adopted the Genesis bow to keep the program fair for all.



Q:  Why does NASP® only use 1 type of arrow?

A:  One bow, one arrow. Keeps the program fair and on a level playing field.



Q: Why are NASP® teams so large?

A:  A NASP® team is 12-24 archers with at least 4 of the opposite gender. Team scores are compiled from the top 12 archers scores & must include at least 4 of the opposite gender scores. NASP® is a Life Sport. Some students have never had the chance to be a part of a team, the way the teams are structured, those students that need NASP® can be a part of the team.



Q: Is the Genesis "Carbon" version Original Genesis legal in NASP® competition?

A:  Yes. The limbs are film dipped, the internal components are identical to all standard Original Genesis bows, therefore there are no advantages. 

See Genesis website -


Q: How can I use my own equipment:
A:  Yes, but it needs to be a Genesis Compound 10 pound NASP Approved Bow. 

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